Impactful and educational talks.



Seeking the Diagnosis is About Stability, Not Stigma.
Prioritizes the welfare of an ADD/ADHD child ahead of the label associated with the diagnosis

Understanding the ADD/ADHD ‘Iceberg’.
Explores the varying perceptual functions of ADD/ADHD children

Avoiding the ‘Enable Table’ Response.
Examines the pitfalls of enabling ADD/ADHD children

Preventing ADD/ADHD from Becoming Harmful.
Explores how the lack of or delay in seeking proper treatment for ADD/ADHD children increases their risk of engaging in criminal activity

Building a Village to Raise an ADD/ADHD Child.
Teaches how including family, friends, and teachers in an ADD/ADHD child’s treatment improves academic performance, peer and social interaction, and pursuit of life goals

Advocating for Children with ADHD.
Explains how parents should prioritize their ADD/ADHD child’s well-being



“If two or more professionals are telling you that your child has a learning or attention issue, you don’t need to wait for number three.”
— Dr. Larry Jones