Encouraging words from our readers.


Falling Through the Ceiling is an honest, empowering book written by a courageous family. It shares powerful experiences of their journey and practical understanding of what ADHD really is and how it can be successfully managed when understood.

Any family that is struggling with ADHD needs to read this book. It is an optimistic story that will help families understand and manage the condition. It will also inspire those diagnosed to take control of their lives, and remember that ADHD is not who they are, it’s what they have.”

David Giwerc, MCC, MCAC
ADD Coach Academy
Founder and President


“The authors take the reader through the early childhood years, when ADHD can result in academic frustrations and often dramatic childhood pranks. They then move on through adolescence and young adulthood, when, for youth with ADHD, the launch into independence can be fraught with more than the average obstacles. As the authors tell their family’s story, each of them stops along the way to reflect on the personal impact of the children’s challenges and to share their perspectives on how they might have handled things differently. This book will be an inspiration for the thousands of families who are confronted with ADHD.”

Elaine F. Walker, Ph.D.

Charles Howard Candler Professor
Psychology and Neuroscience Director, Mental Health and Development Program
Emory University

Wowed by the commitment and teamwork

“I’ve just completed reading Falling Through The Ceiling and I’m still breathless. Dr. Larry and Audrey Jones are wonderful storytellers, making the book a pleasurable as well as informative read. There are many things in the book that changed my perspective about ADHD. I learned that hyperactivity can show up in many ways, including disconnection or disjointed reasoning. I was wowed by the commitment and teamwork, even in concealing some of the negative effects of the disorder on their family. As I understand the science of personality disorder or mental illness, I think this book is a very good depiction of the interplay between science and society.”

Sandra Moore, J.D.


An alert to parents to pay attention

Falling Through the Ceiling: Our ADHD Family Memoir is an unabashed memoir of a family’s experience of red flags and ultimately red lights. It’s about proceeding without heeding the warning signs that suggest help is needed. It’s [also] about identifying behaviors that call out for intervention and possibly psychosocial treatment. The premise is an alert to parents to pay attention to the repetition of critical behaviors as noted in the [chapter] For Parents: Lessons from Our Lives.

Mary F. Griffin, MSW

Licensed Social Worker

Helpful for parents raising children with ADD/ADHD

“I enjoyed reading Falling Through the Ceiling and gaining the perspective of parents raising three sons with ADD/ADHD. I would recommend this book to parents as a helpful way to raise children with ADD/ADHD. The perspectives of Dr. Jones regarding his own ADD diagnosis would be helpful for many adults who discover late in life they’ve been struggling with ADD for many years. The chapter on enabling one’s adult children and ways to help them become independent and cope with their attention deficits would also be helpful for all parents attempting to help their adult children maximize their potential for having a productive and happy life.”

Helen L. Evans, Ph. D.
Clinical Psychologist

Recommend this book to educators and families

Falling Through the Ceiling provided me with an in-depth view of a family’s endeavors with ADHD/ADD. As an educator for more than 20 years, I often ask what the student’s story [is] or experiences are. The [chapter] From Whence We Came armed me with information on the impact of a parent who has or has not been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD and its possible impact on the student. I would recommend this book to educators and families who work or know anyone with ADHD/ADD.”

Marcie Beard, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Educators would benefit from reading this book

“I would recommend this book to successful African-American families in particular because there are no books to help us understand what can go wrong in our families. I believe we all struggle one way or the other and wish we could do better for our children. I believe educators would benefit from reading this book because it might encourage them to be more assertive in sharing more information about children with their parents, no matter the financial status, if they realize that all may not be well in the household and the children’s welfare is at stake.”

Rosie Phillips Davis (formerly Bingham), Ph.D., ABPP
President, American Psychological Association
Professor, Counseling, Educational Psychology & Research

Written to help families

“Sharing their personal life challenges with the effects of ADHD — this is a real, sometimes painful story written to help families recognize and navigate controlling the chaos and unlocking the gifts of ADHD in their children and themselves.”

Carletta J. Harlan, Ed.D
Educational Leadership Consultant