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Why do you need an ADHD Life Coach?

An ADHD Life Coach serves as that independent authority to assist and guide individuals and families about education and career choices, when there are barriers to success based on ADHD or other causes. Turning ADHD from Stigma to Stability is our mission. 

As a practicing pediatrician, I successfully managed many ADHD parents and families with a combination of counseling and/or medication. Since then Dr. Jones has been proactive in bringing awareness about ADHD to public health officials, hospital administrators, and physicians. After twenty-five years of working in private practice, Dr. Jones served as the chief administrator for childhood lead poisoning and all other child and maternal health activities for the city of St. Louis. Most notably, he coordinated all of the municipal strategies and interventions for the treatment of children with lead poisoning, a known cause of childhood ADHD. This helped the city government, insurance companies, and hospitals improve and manage their lead remediation efforts. 

His life calling has been to address social injustice, addressing the stigma of ADHD whether, associated with heredity or environmental hazards. Since coauthoring FTTC, his focus is to bring awareness to families, individuals and educators to transform them into advocates for themselves and others.


T urning A DHD from S tigma T o  the E volution of Success


As an ADHD and Life Coach, my goal is to help you to be successful in moving toward your personal agreed upon goals developed based upon your personal strengths.


I see children, adolescents and families to help them to work through their personal trauma to minimize the generational impact and promote parental advocacy.


My ultimate goal as an ADHD and Life Coach is to guide individuals toward Resilience, a state of personal well being and fulfillment.

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What My Clients Are Saying


“Dr. Jones is an ADHD and Life coach that I would definitely recommend. He helped me to recognize my personal strengths and to pause to make sensible informed decisions based on my talents and strengths. He also served as my accountable person to keep me moving toward my goals.”
— Satisfied Client